About Hey!

Since 2010

Hey! Coffee Roaster is an indie cafe with its own attractive theme and flavor. We have sincerely served our beloved customers since 2010. Started off from 1 location and successfully grown to 7 locations throughout Bangkok, YES! Seven locations! We offer variety and uniqueness to each locations, giving the sense of true coffee roasting experience as an addition to the Thai society. We focus on four factors – “Aroma, Quality, Taste and Texture”. Our coffee beans are carefully picked and roasted with great care. Our goal is to produce the finest quality coffee to customers giving a “From Farm to Cup” experience.  Additionally, we have extended and added culinary value to Hey! Coffee, “The Kitchen”, offering a range of dishes and beverages at all locations (except Toll-way locations, HEY! COFFEE LAB @Promenade).

Taste, Quality, Aroma, Texture

Specialty Coffee in our mission for Hey! Our inner soul that allows you to experience and taste the specialness of “House Blend & Single Origins” coffee beans character into your lifestyle which drives the chance sippin’ characterized coffee. We want you to drink a cup of coffee that is seriously made “From Farm To Cup”


Today We Are Exclusive

Specialty Coffee

At our cafe or restaurant outlets, we serve specialty coffee from our coffee varietal selection of roasted beans in coffee making methods such as drip, press, shot pull, and cupping session of you want to request!

Great Brunch

Just so you know! All our outlets serve food in the appropriate menu of each places. We serve breakfast to dinner menu whenever you’re at our restaurant, quick bites and brunch at the cafes, grab and go at our tollway outlets. We are brunchy!

Cafe Bar

Our Cafe and Coffee Bar outlets also serve you brunch menu. You may find our roaster cafe outlet a quiet place for quick tippy tap on your laptop with our free wifi and peaceful relaxation at mid day. If you are around at Raminthra, stop by at our outlet there and enjoy some drip coffee and spaghetti!

Multiple Location

All our seven outlets are all mostly located inbound Bangkok inner city. It is convenient for people who are finding cafe just to some coffee or a proper meal before travel off to somewhere.

Coffee Roasting

Our Coffee is freshly roast all the time because all the beans that has been brewed to you was seriously made from the love of passion we have for coffee. We want to make sure that your cup of coffee is made from good quality bean selection and roast by our concept of “Specialty Coffee”


Bingo! there are electric plug and a bar seats for you to sit down and enjoy a quick privilege of co-working space. Almost every outlets of Hey! Coffee has seats with electric plugs, free wifi and free infused water. Thats a great deal! While you are chilling in the cafe, you got chances to drink specialty coffee while you chilling on the seat. A cool place like this in Bangkok? Hey! Coffee

Investor Relations

Over here. We are open up for new things and improve towards a better services in our 7 outlets in Bangkok. We have quite a range of food and beverage. Facilities like kitchen and  coffee roaster we invested with heart.


With Us

We the Hey! is able to design a project solution for you. If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, you sure can trust us with our service from branding, cafe design, coffee recipes and blends, specialty coffee choice, brewing methods, and training for employees to run the bar system.